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What causes pending approval status on gig?


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Hello, I am really concerned as due to my only active gig got pending approval, i just wanna know how this happened. I have customers waiting for me and i don't wanna move on from Fiverr as of right now. The pending approval occurred when i lagged when modifying my gig's gallery and it failed to load the image i was gonna edit on the cover. Also how long does it take for them to approve it?


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Thank you, it is fixed :D

8 hours ago, artanalyzers said:

Now what to do:

Examine Fiverr's statement: Typically, Fiverr sends a message outlining the reasons why approval is needed for your gig. Check the "Notifications" or "Support" sections for it. It might offer precise information regarding the problem.
Examine the Fiverr TOS: Read the Fiverr Terms of Service carefully to make sure your gig abides by all rules. Here's where you may locate them: <url removed as invalid>

Get in touch with Fiverr Support: Contact Fiverr Support directly if you don't know why you haven't received a message or if you have any questions. Give a thorough explanation of the circumstances, bring up the error you ran across, and request precise information regarding the necessary adjustments. This link will allow you to get in touch with them:  https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
Timeline for approval:



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