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Client wants to cancel order after whole work


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7 hours ago, a_mygraphics said:

Client asked me to create invoice template in Ms word, but now, when I send him delivery, he wants to cancel order just because template don't auto calculate numbers just like Ms Excel. What should I do?

Sad to hear that but I think maybe it can be a miss communication between you and the client. Because as I checked your profile is on graphics related (I am not expert or have no idea on that industry)

Maybe he had expected that it will auto calculate it. So when it didn't then they wanted to cancel the order. So I prefer to have a meeting before taking an order. So that there is no chance of miss communication and no other issues to get the work done 🙂

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4 hours ago, shariul44 said:

When faced with a situation where a client is requesting a feature that was not initially specified in the order and is beyond the scope of the original agreement, it's important to handle the situation professionally and transparently. Here are some steps the seller could consider taking:


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12 minutes ago, hamidur_rahmaan said:

Miss communication.


5 hours ago, jabirahamed20 said:

miss communication


This is not meant to be a mean post. It is meant to be educational.

Miss Communication = A female person

 miscommunication = not communicating 



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