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New review system is live?!


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Stars are unrealiable as a way to review things (especially people) because customers will just slap five stars and move on. It's quick and they don't need to think. Despite being a seller primarily, I've bought services on Fiverr in the past that have been absolute garbage and had five star reviews across the board. If people won't leave proper reviews, Fiverr MUST update the system to make it more acurate. It's no good for customers or sellers if customers can't tell the good sellers apart from the bad.

The system will surely need some refining but it has to be live for Fiverr to learn from it and iterate. Be patient folks, they'll get there eventually.

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47 minutes ago, Alex.M said:

3 more hours to go 😄 are you excited? 

If you are talking about the new leveling system, most likely it will start during the day, when Fiverr's team is at the office. So yeah, like last time, most likely around noon GMT or so. We will see. 

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On 2/10/2024 at 7:43 AM, carineb said:


They change depending on the chosen rating but also depending on the question.

However, I wonder if this changes depending on the categories.
The word 'creativity' appears several times in the suggestions, but I think it doesn't suit all services.


working with.png

It's good to show these screens .. might be unknown to some that you do not get the lower group of predigested words UNTIL clicking above .. so it is extremely confusing, you think you've just rated and no, you have to click AGAIN on the same screen.   It is an absurdly bad user interface design.   Probably hired a fiverr freelancer with low prices!  

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16 hours ago, filipdevaere said:

My client was unfamiliar with the rating system and wanted to showcase my strongest points (and marked the wrong checkboxes). As a result, the Fiverr system rated them as my weakest points.



What a pity. 


This is also where having the seller responses on profiles--and not just the gigs--would be very helpful for buyers.

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Lots of changes! 

Like most of you I agree it's confusing, and I think the value for money element isn't a great metric to use. A Michelin meal is never going to be value for money, but that doesn't mean it isn't brilliant and deserving of 5/5. Maybe though this is the space Fiverr wants to dominate (think McDonald's not Michelin). I do buy McDonald's from time to time, and it's never 5*, but I still go back for the value. Other places I go because they're brilliant, and never value for money. I just find it strange as I felt Fiverr had been trying to up the quality on the platform... pushing pro, minimum pricing on websites ($80 I believe) and not accepting all new sellers amongst other things. Value for money seems to push the other way.

I've also received confusing reviews. The written review is great, they've ticked 'exceeded expectations', given a tip and even ordered again. Yet marked me down on value for money. Riddle me that! 

One thing I do like about it is that I'm no longer stressing every review being 5*, obviously I want it, but I feel it's beyond my control now. It is what it is. However, I am concerned that it could impact my TRS (along with the other coming changes such as success score) if we need to maintain 4.7. Maybe it would be better to have just changed stars from out of 5 to out of 10. I don't know. I don't mind them improving the system, I've said before I think that 5* or fail is flawed for ratings. I also read somewhere that the goal is to take the pressure off receiving 5* reviews, but if you need 5* reviews to be TRS (and that's the goal for 99.9% of sellers) then the pressure remains.

Anyway, my plan is to increase some of my prices further rather than reduce them. If I'm going to get dinged on value for money then it may as well be worth it for me, I also think I can further dissuade value (McDonalds) buyers from working with me, and instead get the Michelin buyers who are used to quality work costing more. As I say nothing wrong with McDonald's (ok I know there is but you get the point), I just didn't want to sell like that.

If this does end up being a race to the bottom though I'll just flip my model. I'll charge silly money for consultancy, and become an agency, hire super cheap talent, a VA manager to run things and lower my prices for all non consultancy work, then churn out the work. It won't be what I'm truly capable of delivering, but I guess if buyers are happy, then Fiverr is happy, and I'll be happy (I think!).

Happy Valentines day! It's going to be an interesting month!

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At the end of the day, why don't they just keep it simple.

1-5 * and a comment.  You can search by the star rating and read the comments to get a vibe.  Simple.

As a seller: I just want a simple rating feedback mechanism if I choose to do so.  I don't want to answer lots of questions (twice) and mark emoji buttons.  As they say an unhappy client is more likely to go to the lengths to rate you bad, than a good one good.  This just aids any disgruntled client (for whatever reason).

As a buyer: I just want to know that I provide the service I advertise - if you don't like it fine mark me a 3*, if you do then great mark me 5*

If I was getting 3 out of 5 stars, I could look at the comments and then think "hmmm I need to up my game on these repeated points".  If I get 5 stars I think "I must be doing well".

But with all these secret squirrel internal scores, random algorithms, and stretched metrics - it just adds confusion and just makes the whole process incredibly difficult.  Then add to the Fiverr don't share their workings out on things.  Just makes the whole thing miserable.                                                                                                                                                              

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