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Work Drying up this month? Tips please!


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July was a so, so month profit wise, but now August has completely dried up. I’m not even getting my regular client.

I don’t understand what’s going on? I’m promoting through social media as I always do so, any tip?

They would be much appreciated as I’m really frustrated, thanks!


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The best tip I can give you is add some videos to your gigs. That’s the best way to drum up business. I know you have some orders under your belt already but having a video will really help rope in new buyers. Then they know you have put some real effort into setting up your gig.

Another thing I would do is maybe contact some of your previous buyers and just check in with them. Let them know you are having a special for repeat customers and give them a 450 word article instead of the regular 300 for $5. Something like that. Ask them to reference your message in their instructions when they buy the gig. May drum up some more business for you.

Be careful though, and don’t badger. It’s a delicate balance. Only contact previous buyers once or twice. And obviously do not contact again if they ask you not to. Just use common sense and you should do great!

Hope that helps!

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A couple of thoughts.

Fiverr is making changes and we are now into Fiverr 3. When changes are ongoing, they are bound to effect gigs. For some gigs the effect will be good for others, not so good.

I’m going to research and start to tweak my gig hoping I can find the right formula to be on top for my keywords.

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You might not like this one, but here’s my tip:

There’s none. It just happens. Don’t sweat it.

Gigs comes and goes. You might be complaining about not getting gigs now,

next week you might be complaining about getting too much.

That’s just how it is 😃

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A very possible reason is that Fiverr’s website is lagging a lot due to scripts from cloudfrontDOTnet which is causing a lot of waiting/loading time.

This makes people just give up on using Fiverr and probably go to their competitors instead (unfortunately). Fiverr must urgently fix this server issue.

I have also seen a huge decline in my otherwise high conversion rate and this might actually explain it. I sometimes cannot load Fiverr.com. But I have solved it:

  1. Download NoScript for Firefox/Chrome/IE8 (seriously, don’t even use IE in the first place)

  2. Install it and allow it to be installed on FireFox/Chrome

  3. Go to Fiverr.com and you should see a box popup at the bottom of your web browser saying “Options…”, click on it

  4. Move you cursor up to “Untrusted” and it will open new rows where you can choose what scripts to block

  5. Click on “mark xxxxxxxxx.cloudfront.net as untrusted”

  6. You will have to mark Fiverr.com as trusted by clicking on "Allow fiverr.com"

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Summer Day, fellow Fiverrs! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.
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maxthemarketer said: (seriously, don't even use IE in the first place)
The last 2 IE versions have been in the top in browser security tests while FF for example has been at the bottom among the most vulnerable browsers. But like you i also still hate ie as my opinions of the browser were formed ages ago when IE's reputation hit bottom.


As for the script stalling, i can't understand why it hasn't been fixed yet. A bit over a week ago on fb fiverr said the issue was being fixed and now fiverr just says there is no known problem on the site and yes in a way they are correct as the issue is with cloudfront but fiverr is still affected and all they need to do is to load the sliced.min.js asynchronously.

Been promoting my gigs and allot of the interested potential clients say they cannot register on fiverr due to this issue. I have advised them to block the script but non seem to have done it, one asked if i drawn comics somewhere else and atm i don't as i prefer doing different gigs on different sites.

However you put when the site cannot be accessed by a large group of people it is bad for business.


Wonder what fiverr's policy would be on a browser extension that only blocks this specific script on fiverr.

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I’ve actually had a major increase in orders, but uh. In general, what I would recommend to you is to change your keywords around to see what your Fiverr competitors are using and derive keywords off of that for those getting orders, reduce your delivery time to 1 day(so you can get an express status after the next person that orders, and express gigs rank better so you could utilize this temporarily until orders pick up again.), and as others have suggested, add videos. Videos are VERY important in ranking and gigs without them have a rough time ranking anywhere.

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