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Oh no, the N/A thing has nothing to do with the review thing. I already had this twice last year. If you don't make sells with reviewed for 2 months, you're gonna get not applicabled because the algorithm has a tragic case of short-term memory loss. Or medium, idk. The solution is to get a review between 1 star and 4.7 stars. 

Here's some rare footage of the Fiverr algorithm at work whether it remembers who you are or not: 




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On 1/25/2024 at 3:01 PM, emmaki said:



This happens when you don't get a (public?) review for at least two months. My last few buyers in December didn't. 

As you can see, Fiverr places a high value on people with a strong historical track record of performance. Personally, I got the warm fuzzies seeing this today when I - even though I am out of office - dutifully opened my dashboard to check for messages that need responding to. 

🥰I hope that my success story inspires everyone on their own journey through Fiverr. 🥰

I wanna embrace this typa success with my open arms tbh😂 smh

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On 1/25/2024 at 5:32 PM, emmaki said:

Oh, with AI these days anyone can be value for money without actually having skills. Or having skills, but no ability to speak the language. Fiverr doesn't care, since it's handing out ChatGPT message templates with abandon these days while simultaneously having an appallingly anti-consumer generative AI policy. 

Just so long as the buyer doesn't ask, it's alllll gravy. And so long as the buyer isn't too careful with their money, which was, incidentally, one of the reasons Fiverr started as Fiverr (fewer will bother to refund for $5, basically - it's all in those interviews I mentioned yesterday!) and they get something roughly near what they want, all is good.

It's odd that people who have worked on a platform for years and have proven their worth and value are ranked on the same systems as sellers who operate like that, really. And further odd that the new level/reviews system probably isn't going to do anything to address that, but I am prepared to be stunned into silence whatever happens 🙂

But I think today is more about celebratory rats and sad kittens, don't you? 

I agree with you

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4 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

That would be incorrect. I checked the last six, and they were from a SE Asia that starts with B. 

I see now, B is quite specific. they are frequently discussed in my community, especially among sellers who receive orders from B 😅

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