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Hi Fiverr,could you pay me?

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I had a scam on fiverr, nothing new you might be thinking.

The customer took all the work and left, canceling the order.

Not only.

The customer cloned his old review with another account, copying and pasting the content.

After something like 2 pages of tickets with frankly below average customer support, only one guy really understood what was happening.

His name is Rick, if you are reading this post, thank you for everything.

Customer support wanted an innumerable series of details that were already present during the conversations on the order page, I also sent my work to customer support, including all the files I sent to the customer.

I have proven in every way that I am right, in fact Fiverr proved me right and I was compensated.

Unfortunately this is not a story with a happy ending. Not yet.

I only received part of the money, I was not told why, my work was well done and exceptionally executed, the client took the work for free and left, according to what criteria should I receive less money?

Second point:

If I won the appeal, why do I still have an order completion percentage below 100%?

Third point:

If according to fiverr I'm right, why is a fake and cloned review still on my profile?

Once again customer support is evasive, I literally have to waste entire days to enforce the truth and the right course of things.

I even received a warning that was fortunately removed.

This whole situation is paradoxical, I don't feel like an asset for this site but rather a slave who has to settle for crumbs decided by third parties, in some cases these crumbs are zero.

I was negotiating to understand the measurements of the fiverr pro, which I then stopped immediately, I'm not interested if this is how things are.


Some may think that all of this is normal, well, it will always be normal if things don't change, I think I have the right to have the money I'm entitled to, the amount of money doesn't change my life but it's money that I earned honestly and Fiverr has a duty to give them to me. Obviously only where it's not my fault, like in this case.

I am publicly calling on Customer Support(if possible someone who cares) to resolve this situation. 

Thanks for reading.

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