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Intellectual Property.

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Hello Dear  Community.  

I have a project that I started  and  I have a concern about  the  idea that  , code and  what I am trying to achieve will be easily stolen and copied by The   person that works on the project. 

What measures you have for someone like me   to be sure it is secured? 

Can  I have Agreement   that I can sign with the Fever and  The frelncer ?  For Example  saying that  the end product can not be used by the freelancer and any  code should stay only on my side and he is not allowed  by any way to copy  or open same project on the side(  I think not possible   to monitor as people are far away, but what you think you can advice? 



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You could ask them to sign an NDA (but check with CS if it's okay first. I assume if it's just a signature that you want hey might allow it). But you could also ask them to agree in the custom offer they could create for it. Though you'd own the copyright (unless stated otherwise) and they'd be breaking the TOS if they used it themselves.

But you could also try to split the project between multiple freelancers, so each only knew their part of it and nobody knew the full project. The more you could split it the less about the full project each might know (unless there were screens etc. that needed to be designed showing all parts of it).

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