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Client cancelled the order after delivery is accepted and 5 star rating



Hello, I am a new seller on fiverr. I was working with one client whose requirement was to make his Python application live. I did the job and delivered the work. He then accepted the delivery and even gave me  5-star ratings and a good review. 2 days later, He cancelled the order saying, the work wasn't delivered. He is saying that the application is not working (There is a bug in his application code which falls beyond the scope of his order). He is now changing his requirements. I explained this to him and now he is not responding to my message.  The order was concerned with making the application live not solving its bugs.

After he cancelled the order:

  • I received fiverr TOS violation with a warning of account suspension
  • My gigs are down and the impression is really low
  • The payment from the order is gone

Please suggest, what to do next.


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You can talk to Fiverr Support if you are completely honest about your work and delivery is completely correct. If you can give Fiverr the right information and if you have something right and within the rules, then Fiverr can help you.

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