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Has AI took over the Beginner animators job ?


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I am a Fiverr seller since 2016...I started this journey of Logo animation while I was unable to find a job in my Engineering profession .Over the time I grew and experienced a lot from this platform 🙂 . I am thankful to Fiverr for letting a rookie animator for encouraging to learn more while earning. Office jobs are never the same.

However since I grew up with my engineering Fiverr was discontinued from my side .I tried to continue sometimes and surprisingly succeeded almost every time I started over.

N:B: I am still a beginner animator capable of making Custom After effect made Logo animations only though I had huge responses until the rise of AI last year. I am trying to make a comeback again since OCT2023 in sales but this time sales are too low(almost nothing). 

Has AI taken over basic or medium level admission? 

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