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How do I get gig placements?



I'm pretty much new to Fiverr and I don't really know much. So I was hoping I could get assistance getting clients to purchase my services. How do I get people to at least see what I offer? I currently have a gig related to music production.

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To increase your gig impressions and convert clicks into clients:

  1. Craft a profile bio that reflects excellence and a sense of professionalism, clearly highlighting your experience, achievements and your ability to deliver.
  2. Make sure your gig titles are precise and clearly reflects the services you offer.
  3. Use simple images on your gigs.
  4. Use appropriate search keywords in your gig.
  5. Craft an excellent gig description.
  6. Add gig extras on your gigs to give them some sense of uniqueness.
  7. Consider marketing your gigs on other social platforms except google terms as it violates Fiverr's terms of service.
  8. Compare how other freelancers charge for their services and let this guide you on how to price your gigs to avoid over/under charging.
  9. Create discounts and offers on your gigs as this helps to convert mere clicks into clients.
  10. Above all, it takes patience to make it through on fiverr. All the best.
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