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No Order but many Impression and Click


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Hi @salim1965,

In all of your gigs, your gig galleries are empty. As a buyer, I wont be fully convinced on hiring you since there's no proof of your past work.

Additionally, there's a lot of punctuation errors when describing your gig package. For example, '5,$' on one of your gig packages.

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2 hours ago, hasannet96 said:

I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing a discrepancy between high impressions and clicks on your Fiverr gig without receiving orders.

Some Important factors could contribute to this situation:

Gig Optimization:
Ensure that your gig title, description, tags, and pricing are well-optimized. Ensure your gig accurately reflects the services you offer, and the description is clear and compelling.

Competitive Analysis:
Evaluate other successful gigs in your category to understand how they present their services. Identify elements that might make your gig stand out, such as unique skills, experiences, or benefits.

Pricing Strategy:
Reassess your pricing to ensure it aligns with the market and the perceived value of your services. Sometimes adjusting your rates can positively impact conversion rates.

Quality of Portfolio:
Update and enhance your gig portfolio with high-quality images, videos, or samples of your work. A visually appealing and comprehensive portfolio can significantly influence buyer decisions.

Response Time:
Promptly respond to messages and inquiries from potential buyers. Fiverr's algorithms take into account the responsiveness of sellers, so being attentive can positively impact your visibility.

Special Offers or Packages:
Create special offers, discounts, or packages to entice potential buyers. Sometimes, providing additional value can lead to increased orders.

Fiverr Analytics:
Utilize Fiverr's analytics to gain insights into buyer behavior. Understand where your gig is being viewed the most and consider tailoring your strategies accordingly.

Gig Refresh:
Periodically update your gig to keep it relevant. This can include tweaking your description, adding new samples, or adjusting keywords.

Seek Feedback:
If possible, reach out to buyers who clicked on your gig but did not place an order. Politely ask for feedback to understand if there are specific reasons they chose not to proceed.

By addressing these aspects, you may be able to enhance your gig's appeal and increase the likelihood of converting impressions and clicks into actual orders.

I checked your Fiverr profile, but the funny part is that you're not following any of the things you mentioned here. Additionally, you don't have a single review. If we ignore the review part, there are still several things I notice that you should address with your Fiverr gig. Before advising others, please make sure to follow the same principles that you mention or advise for other people.

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