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Getting 0 impression on promoted gig



Hello, Fiverr community, I hope everyone is doing well. I got Fiverr Fiverr-promoted gig feature on 26 October even though my criteria weren't completed I was a new seller with 12 reviews and still got this feature from Fiverr but didn't get a good result as I expected I received 471 impressions in 82 days and got 1 client who placed 3 orders and now I'm level 1 seller and receiving 1 or 0 impressions per day. If anyone knows the reason or solution then let me know please. Thanks in advance.


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6 hours ago, ahmad_freelancr said:

You spent only $2.35 and got $58 in sales. That's quite impressive tbh. That is $55.65 in profits. 82 days thing is because maybe you are in a competitive niche and others around you are providing better quality work than you! 

Maybe try improving your skills! 🙂

Hello Ahmed, thanks for your response but how does Fiverr know I'm not providing better work when  I haven't received any orders yet excluding this one, and got 5-star reviews on three of the orders but after those 3 orders from the single client I'm getting 0 or 1 impression and I got this feature when I was new seller but now I'm level one seller even but getting less impressions

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