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Pet Peeve: Buyers using revisions to ask questions!

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Does anyone else hate it when buyers use revisions to ask a question after you submit an order? Now I'm in a situation where I have delivered the order and nothing actually needs revising but somehow I have to resubmit the order so I can get it finished and get paid. But of *course* we're not allowed to submit an identical delivery because that is against the terms of service. 

Every time someone does this I die a litte inside.

Does anyone know what happens from the buyers side? Can they still accept the initial delivery after requesting a revision?

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9 minutes ago, catwriter said:

I think they can only accept it when it's in the delivered status.

I confirm that they can only accept the delivery once you resubmit the files. In addition to that you can explain to the buyer that if he has any questions ( and not revision requests ) he can send you a message on the order page or in your Fiverr inbox.  

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