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Hey guys could someone explain to me why my gig ends up in painting category when the tag is miniatures painting, category arts and crafts 

Service type Art creation; Art type Miniatures. Basically I have everything written down like others from my field, but it doesn't show up at all in Arts and Crafts. The only way it can be found is when you write painting in search and it is among a bunch of pictures. What am I doing wrong? 

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They're in the arts & crafts category. When you search it finds all the active gigs it thinks are related to what you search for (so it might show gigs from the different categories as long as it thinks they are related to the search terms) . And in the search I think gig title is a higher priority than the search tags. Though you can select to make the results only show from a particular category.

It might not always show for one search though. And you could check your gig's status in in the help desk section. If you think there's a problem with  how your gig is indexed you could contact CS about it.

It might be that using the word "miniatures" in the descriptions could help (though Fiverr said duplicating it doesn't. But you could check and see).

Also it might be that it uses the priority of the search tags in the order they're entered (eg. search tag 1 is most important). In "paint your dream miniatures" you've put "acrylic painting" as the 1st tag (so that's why it could think your gig is more relevant to painting). Maybe you could add "miniature" as one of the search tags.

If you only created the gigs very recently it might need a bit more time to be properly indexed for searching too.

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