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Why Gig Promoted Option is not showing My Gig?



Hi i a seeing that fiverr gig promotion requirement are 

  • You are a Level 1 Seller, a Level 2 Seller, a Top Rated Seller, or a Pro seller.
  • Your Gig scores are 4.7 in the public rating.
  • Your Gig has at least 20 reviews. Pro Gigs and Top Rated Sellers' Gigs require only 5 reviews.
  • You meet additional quality metrics.
    and my gig meet all these gig promoted requirements like i am level 2 seller, 23 reviews, all are positive feedback with 5 stars from Top Tier 1 countires, never get any warning since last 1 year but still no gig promotion button is showing on my gig.
    how can i get this with meeting gig promoted requirement.
    anyone can guide me or any fiverr support member can help me about this.
    my gig link that meet all requirements is https://www.fiverr.com/maliksalik/cut-out-40-images-cut-out-background-remove-objects-fast
    thanks in advance
    Kind Regards,
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