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Is their any fees for Fiverr Course?



Hi, I hope you are fine and well. I want to ask a question that today I visited fiver learn page whose url is https://learn.fiverr.com/ . after that I come to this page, here I find one instruction whose fees is zero. screenshot is attached. I want to do this course. I do this course then Is fiverr charge any amount from me or it will free because when I click on watched video, Now above the video its shows that purchased above the video (screenshot is attached) but I still can watch this video.
If I want this video and trying to complete this course then is fiverr charge any fees for this course and this course will be free.
Thanks for guiding me. 

course fees zer0.JPG

purchased show on course.JPG

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That one is the only free course, as far as I know. All the others are paid courses. They are not mandatory, nor will they give you extra visibility on Fiverr. However, if you want to learn things and improve your craft, they might be worth it.

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