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Temporary Disabled due to hacking of my account



Hi, My account was hacked and an order was placed without my consent, hacked sent spam messages to my client. But I noticed it and sent a ticket to fiverr C.support. They canceled that order and told me that they were disabling my account temporarily to look into it.  
After that they asked to confirm the verified phone number with Fiverr, security questions, and withdrawal method ID, I sent them all the things in that Ticket.
They asked my ID verification by CNIC and Selfie, I did, My account got verified.

But after that It has been 4 days from hacking, there is not any update, my gigs are denied, inbox is restricted, account is temporarily disabled.
That disputed ticket is open but has not reply from CS after asking about verification , but the other tickets that I sent are answered by bots( Your account is under review)
What should I do?
Just wait?

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Hi @gfx_sector 

We understand that you are worried about your account and your work, but rest assured that we are looking into your issue. Your account is under review by the relevant department and as soon as we have some new information, we will notify you. We truly appreciate your patience during this time.  

Feel free to message me if you have any additional questions. 


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