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Unable to receive code from fiverr - Support staff is not helping



Hi, I'm an old Fiverr user and about an year ago I changed my Fiverr's phone number to a new number while I was relocating to another country. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a temporary phone number. Though I tried a lot to somehow get that phone number permanently on my name but I couldn't. 

For a time period I was inactive on Fiverr and then I decided to start working on my account again. After logging in, I realized that the phone number associated to my account is long gone. Now the problem is, I'm trying to change my Fiverr account's phone number to new phone using my security question buy I'm not receiving any code from Fiverr. I tried two different numbers, I tried receiving code by phone and SMS but both failed. 

I contacted Fiverr's (not-so supportive) support team but instead of fixing technical glitch they are repeatedly replying same thing that I cannot change my phone number now. I provided them with my security question and my old phone number as well still... They don't understand that my account is at risk now and not willing to help me at any cost rather threatening me to stop issuing support tickets or else it will be violation of terms and conditions. 

Please do help me or suggest me if anyone else faced the same issue and sort it out somehow. Would much appreciate.

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If you're experiencing issues receiving a code from Fiverr and the support staff isn't providing satisfactory assistance, here are some steps you can take to try and resolve the problem:

Some time its your networking issue like using your sim card of which company that's also matter

  1. Check Spam/Junk Folder

  2. Contact the Seller

  3. Open a Ticket with Fiverr Support

  4. Use Alternative Contact Methods

  5. Check Account Settings

  6. Patience

  7. Seek Help on Fiverr Community:

  8. Review Fiverr's Policies:

  9. Consider Chargeback (As a Last Resort):

Remember to remain calm and professional in your communications. Clearly outline the issue and the steps you've taken to resolve it. Fiverr support should ideally assist you in resolving the problem.

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