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If I had one wish.

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I have imagined posting a technical problem on fiver to which I require a solution, setting an initial offer, if no satisfactory solution is presented, the offer increasing the next day by 50%, and to continue increasing each day, until the amount is sufficient to motivate a bright mind to find a solution. Of course I would be able to set an upper limit, where the problem would remain until such time as solved or I come to the inevitable conclusion that I am up a cul-de-sac, and need to think again. If fiver could produce such a facility I believe it would be of great benefit to the whole community of users. Make it smart so it alerts freelancers with knowledge and skill in the relevant field. I came to this because when posting or seeking for a job, it is always the nuances that cause blockage to progress, and so much time is invested before you discover that your otherwise talented collaborator cannot handle it, whereas if we start with the nuance, that one tricky problem, almost inevitable the problem solver could perform the rest of the job. When you are looking for just one tree in the forest it would really help if you could entice the one you want to come out and present themselves.

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