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Your Fiverr Gig: Treat It Like Your Website's SEO


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Hey everyone!

When you created your gig did you “set it and forget it”? I hope not. You have to treat your Fiverr gig like you would treat a website. It needs constant analysis and tweaks to ensure you’re pulling in clients and converting leads.

I’m not going to go into any detail about how to optimize your gig since that has already been a number of times in the forum (but feel free to message me if you want to discuss). I just want to stress the importance of keeping tabs on your gigs, watching how they are performing, making tweaks to your gig, and then watching how those tweaks effect your gig stats.

My standard rule is to analyze my gigs once a week. When I do this, I’m looking at impressions, views, clicks, and orders. I want to see those beautiful green arrows indicating that these numbers are higher than previous. If I see the red arrows consistently for a few days indicating that my gig isn’t performing as well as before - it’s time to tweak.

Here is where I research my competition - are they offering a service or guarantee that I’m not? From there, I go through my gig with a fine tooth comb modifying my title, description, and tags. Think of tags in the same way as your keywords on your website. These are the terms that buyers are using to find you in search. If you have a high number of impressions, but a low conversion rate or click rate you’re could be targeting the wrong keywords. So let’s update them!

Now the most important part. After updating your gig pay attention to your gig stats. You’re looking for any changes up or down here. A down turn could indicate the changes you made have hurt your gig, while an uptick could indicate that you’re heading in the right direction.

In summary, test your gig out constantly. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Analyze everything! While you may not be making improvements to your gig, it’s guaranteed that your competition is and they’re going to get ahead of you. Let’s not let that happen.

Josh aka JShrade

Web Designer, MailChimp Expert, and SEO Guru

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Hi Josh,
I totally agree on what you saying being a website analyst, it all makes sense.
Now what I look at my stats I trying to gage the impact of using social media to promote my gigs.
The impressions stat, the gig views stat, then the clicks stats is how I analyze my gigs. After that, I look at the social views because I use twitter. […contact info removed…]
I also on a weekly basis is not logon to Fiverr but search for my gig to see where it ranks when I do a keyword search. For example, my Low Cost Analytics gig ranks 3rd for web analytics and about 6th for Google Analytics.
Besides the gig SEO what I have found that impacts gig rankings is Feedback. The more positive feedback you receive the higher you will rank.

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Guest dataentry268

yeah its good and exelent every one need to promote their gigs i think social media is the great platform to do this thanks for ur views

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Thanks for your great advice!

I think Fiverr’s backend data is limited for our SEO analyst, the ranking looks mysterious and we have to test and test and test.

It would be funny and useful if there is a post sharing the View/Click trend for people’s gigs and do some analyst… I checked my gig and found people enjoy shopping at Friday, not weekend, but since I am pretty new to Fiverr, I may have not enough data to prove my findings…

Anyway, may I have a question, did you see any trend after you update your gigs? I mean, if we modify the gigs with a high frequency (change title, change tab, change category), would it impact the gig’s ranking or searching result? and what kind of change would impact the most?

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Excellent post Josh.
I like to look at gigs as marketing tools and it is often said in the marketing world, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing.”

It helps to go back often to those gigs, measure how they are doing and see if there be need for any tweaks that’ll guarantee more exposure.

Totally agree with you, Josh.

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