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"Received Multiple Fake Messages on Fiverr - Need Guidance"



 I've received a total of 9 fake messages on my fiverr platform, which has resulted in the promotion of a Telegram account. Could this have an impact on my gig or Fiverr performance as a whole? I'm looking for advise on how to handle these kinds of circumstances and how to keep my own integrity. 

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Hi @mafizhazra,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

As @seowithsofia advised, feel free to report the user and contact our Customer Support Team to help you with this issue.

You can either open a ticket Here or send an email to support@fiverr.com.

I recommend going through our ToS as well, just to make sure you have all the info and follow those rules that keep you safe, as all information and file exchanges must be performed exclusively on Fiverr's platform.

Hope this helps 🍀

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I have received a couple messages like this, but they aren't promoting telegram, instead they were inquiring for no obvious reason. Or maybe its just a hunch, I talked to them with professional behavior as I normally would and then they stopped replying. 

But your case is different, if someone talks anything suspicious or spam that you might think is again the Tos, immediately report that account and create a ticket, my experience with Fiverr Customer Support has been really great. Customer Support will take actions, but they won't tell you what actions they're going to take.


In conclusion, if you see anything suspicious block and report them ASAP instead of continuing the chat. I hope this helps

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