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Punished Unfairly (Algorithm)


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This is a fundamental Flaw.

Let’s assume as a 50 year old professional who owns his own digital business and has worked with clients on a one-to-one basis for 20 plus years I am good and proficient at the following.

1. delivering a fantastic project that is split up over various milestones.

2. communicating like a pro!  Both on zoom and by text.  I answer quickly, checking for updates for notifications on the fiverr app throughout the day.

I also take great pride in my work and after six years as a seller I decided to go full time in 2023 - but boy have I paid the price.

If you extend the delivery time it affects your ranking.   If it’s your fault (the sellers) that’s all you deserve too!   Regardless of the reason.

But if the buyer delays, cos they’re too busy, can’t be bothered or decide to go on holiday, OR They simply do not supply you with the materials that are required on time for you to complete the next part of the project…

The delivery date looms, you have no choice but to extend.

why should that have an adverse impact on the seller?    It’s the buyers fault 100%.   I can prove it, with three cases simultaneously, all website build projects, all fairly high valued.

the delays cost you ranking and ultimately late payment thus effecting your cash flow.

best bit though is flagging it with fiverr and being told that it encourages good communication skills.    What an absolute joke.   Nothing wrong with my comms, but I can’t do anything about a lazy client / buyer digging their heels.

and there is my experience of fiverr.   Great side hussle.   But be very careful if you are going to do more.



furst class communicator second class spella.   (Humour) 


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It might not necessarily be giving the official/correct answer when asked that.

I asked "do we get penalised for extending a delivery time?" and Fiverr Neo said:


Hey there, no penalties! But keep in mind, extending deadlines might affect your record or standings with some buyers. Good communication with your clients is key to avoid complications. Can I assist you further?

and (after starting a new conversation, but it knew I'd spoken to it before) asking "Do I get penalised for extending the delivery time?" Fiverr Neo said:


Hey there, on Fiverr's end, extending the delivery time doesn't incur a penalty. But remember, it's crucial to communicate this with your buyer before making such a move. The goal is to ensure a smooth journey for both you and your buyer. So, how about we shift gears a bit? Can you let me know more about the service you’re offering on Fiverr, so I can better guide you through this?

Also one issue with Fiverr Neo is that it keeps giving the "start selling" link to offer help (if it knows you are a seller), but that link is for people who aren't already sellers.

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