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How ever?


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Could you perhaps expand a bit on your request? It’s hard to discern what you want to know.

If the site is slow, you cannot login - the site has technical issues, we all hope they get fixed soon.

If you cannot deliver, update or send requirements - keep trying, restart the PC, or contact Customer Service

Is you gig no longer on the front page? - They changed the category displays, rotating people and sometimes it doesn’t work well. We all hope that gets fixed too.

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Well, on the surface your Gigs seem fine. Do be aware that if you are selling ebooks, you need the rights to sell them. This means they are either yours (you wrote them) or you have a copyright license from the writer or publisher that you may sell these books.

Otherwise, it may become an issue for you later on if Gigs are cancelled because you sold them books that you could not legally sell.

One final nitpick: Wordpress is a single word.

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