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please some gig advice


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I hope you meant Fiverr and not Fiber. While there's no specific requirement for daily activity, consistency is important. Regularly updating your profile, responding to messages, and delivering high-quality work on time will contribute to your success. Aim to be active at least a few times a week to maintain a presence on the platform because under Fiverr's search homepage, there's a filter for people online. Being online increases your visibility as well so just keep the account active as much as you can.

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First make sure you are expert in your field, high at your skills and then make stunning gigs with good description and images. Make your profile standout first. Once all this is done then you have to wait. Order can come quickly or may take some time but keep reading Fiverr blog and policies so you can learn more and more how to improve your gigs. 

After couple weeks keep checking stats if its not working after a month or two then you have to work on your gigs, keywords and description as well. Keep them updating until you find the right combination of gig optimization and performance. 


Just be patient at start. Wish you a successful career ahead. 

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