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11 minutes ago, mstresmabegum said:

Why is my fiverr not clicking?

Hi @mstresmabegum, Both of the words in your post's title are misspelled. I also noticed that you have misspellings and grammar issues in your gigs as well. As an expert SEO marketer, correct spelling and grammar are essential to your success. Proofread your gigs and gig images to make sure there are no errors. Also make sure your skills are up to par and you can do what you say you can do.

Your profile is also very sparse - you claim to reach target audiences of 1.5-4 million, yet you only have one thumbnail image in your gig gallery (and nothing else). Put effort into creating your gigs so that there is no doubt in your buyer's mind on what you can do. Fill up your gig gallery with examples of your work and services so that buyers, upon seeing these images, will want to contact you and place and order.

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12 minutes ago, mstresmabegum said:
How to get gig work

Have you followed all the tips suggested by the experienced sellers in your previous thread? See your own thread below:

 And use your Digital Marketing expertise to make your gig work or to get orders if you really have Digital Marketing skills.

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