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can you please help me why my gig impression is low


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Hi @johanjaved, You only have 4 orders since 2020 and your last order was 2 years ago. There are also 100,000+ other gigs that offer Wordpress services:


So you've got competition. Fiverr's algorithm is designed to show the most relevant services - this is based not only on the relevancy of your gigs, but also the performance of your gigs. Sellers who are getting more and delivering more orders will be seen as more relevant (and will get higher impressions).

Since you are a digital marketing expert, this might be a great time to put your skills to use. Revamp all your gigs to give them a fresh look, let people know you are in business, and emphasize what makes you unique from all the other sellers offering the same service. Your gigs look very generic, so you will need to figure out ways to highlight your unique selling proposition and value. Once your gigs are updated, then use your marketing skills to drive traffic to your gigs. This will help you get the initial orders so that you can gain visibility in Fiverr's search. 

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Hey, Fiverr community,

I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to reach out because I've noticed a concerning trend with one of my gigs, and I'm hoping to get some insights or advice from fellow freelancers.

Over the past, I've observed a gradual decrease in impressions and clicks for my ordered gig. As someone who takes great pride in delivering quality work and maintaining a positive relationship with clients, this decline is a bit perplexing.

Here are some specific questions I have:

Has anyone encountered a decline in impressions and clicks for their gigs? If so, how did you address it?

Are there any changes in the Fiverr algorithm or platform that I might not be aware of?

What proactive steps can I take to improve the visibility of my gig and attract more potential clients?

I appreciate any insights, tips, or experiences you can share. Let's support each other in navigating the dynamic landscape of freelancing on Fiverr.


HERE MY GIG LINKS  Please check it and help me to reach out the problem 






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