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My gig suddenly drop the impressions and clicks ,not getting new clients .



I am writing these few words for your valuable suggestions and experience about gig ranking. My gig suddenly drops the impressions and clicks, not getting new clients for the last 03 weeks.
I am a level two seller with 350+ positive feedbacks, eligible for top-rated as well,  I have about 94% repeat buyer score.

I have checked all the relevant data and I am dam sure that, my performance till now is absolutely fine. Maybe there is something wrong with the insight data, but I am not sure what happened.

Some people say it's because of private negative feedback, there are different opinions on different social media platforms about the ranking of the gig but not sure what is the reason, last time the same situation happened 02 months ago but the gig recovered after 07 days automatically but this time it's same from last 22 days.

should I edit the gig?



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