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Does tested skills really increase buyers' trust and generate more orders?



Hello everybody, I am Tania. I have been a photo editor since 2016. I am new on Fiverr. I opened my Fiverr account on 1st January 2024 and added gigs within a week to sell my service. It has been 2 weeks I have not gotten any orders/messages. I know it is hard to get the first sell. I am continuing to update my profile in different ways. Going through Fiverr's suggestions to become a successful seller.

I have found a section on the profile page, where I have found the Take a Test option. I clicked there and went to the next page, where I saw "Tested skills increase buyers' trust and generate more orders!". Now, I am going to take the test. As I am a photo editor, I am giving the test Adobe Photoshop first. 

How much it will take to get orders/messages and which tests can I give to get Photo Editing jobs?

Thank you everybody for your time and consideration, Tania T.

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Hello Tania ,

If you ask me, a good test skills result points you gain buyer trust but does not guarantee a sale or order!

If a customer sees that you have verified your talents, the buyer will realize that you are skilled in that area but an Order depends on many criteria as you can see!


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