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Please how will I get ranked easily on Fiverr


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1 hour ago, anthony__garry said:

Is it true that fiverr is a hard platform to use??

Because I love my experience here since the day I signed in

I have a question right back to you (and you might not like it, but maybe you will.)

Have you made a single sale?

Does Fiverr serve its purpose (are you able to sell or buy well on it?) If yes, well, I totally get why you love it (and I do like the site, too.)

But if no, well..

That's exactly why it's considered 'hard'. Not because making a profile to buy or sell is particularly difficult (it's not) but because making it as a freelancer is. There are no tricks that can get you selling; it's all hard work. You can love it all you want, but it'll still be work. 

Some people don't like that and believe that they should get rich just for signing up. That's really not how it works. 

(now, structurally speaking, Fiverr is simple and fairly easy to use as a user, which is nice.)

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