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What are the activities of a seller after publishing the first Gig


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16 hours ago, sibajisusil said:

is it trure that after publishing five gigs ,get a work order ?

There are no guarantees that you will ever get an order, no matter how many gigs you create.

For some, creating just one gig works great.

For others, the maximum number of gigs they're allowed still doesn't bring them any orders.

There's no rule.

What matters is that you create a gig that makes people want to hire you.

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On 1/20/2024 at 10:17 AM, mostafizur_seo said:

How many Gigs are necessary to publish to get the first order?

If you do it well - just one is good enough, to secure the first order and to even become successful in the long term on the platform. 

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