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Hello fiverr Team please Help me?


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আমার গিগ এর ক্লিক ইম্প্রেসন  ভালো গতো ২ মাস এর মত হয়ে গেছে ২টা অর্ডার কমপ্লিট করছি এখন আমি কাজ পাচ্ছিনা হতাস !

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My gig's click impression is good, it's been like 2 months, I'm completing 2 orders, now I'm not getting work!

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55 minutes ago, sakirulhosen said:

Hello Fiverr I didn't get work for a whole 8 months please help me by ordering something

Fiverr Team cannot help you in getting orders. If you are a SEO Expert then I think you can use your expertise for yourself too. Also, you have chosen the competitive niches (WordPress and SEO) so competition is tough.

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9 hours ago, sakirulhosen said:

I have been giving gigs for long time and am not getting work what can I do please help me

You have been given a platform (Fiverr) where you can showcase your skills and earn online so Fiverr Team cannot help you in this regard. 

  • After checking your impressions/clicks, they are still not good enough.
  • Improve gig galleries of all 3 gigs.
  • You can use your SEO skills for your own gigs too. Right?
  • You have chosen super competitive niches such as SEO, WordPress..
  • Do research on Fiverr regarding your niches.
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On 1/13/2024 at 2:17 AM, sakirulhosen said:

hello fiverr team my gig orders need 

Fiverr Team cannot help you with anything else but they can guide you what to do in order to get orders. You need to get knowledge about Fiverr first so read the following thread and ignore content on Buyer Requests:

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