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There is no one like us.

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There is no one like us!!!
 Vinod Vilasai

 In our great country you will find in every branch of science a master of your own.
 Socald Intel Actual, Freelance Commentator, Onion Cure Corona Virus Experts.
 They will give weather updates such as clouds, electricity, water, storms, they are their own inventions.
 If the direction of the storm is not on the coasts, then the winds of the sea winds naturally become sorcerers.  And they say that I said that a storm cannot come near us, it may hit us.
 Commenting on politics makes it look like everyone has a political science degree from Oxford University.
 In conversations, in conversations, in essay writing, in fiction writing, in novel writing, in speech contests, in political chambers, in public processions, in bitter words of closed rooms, in romantic thoughts, in seminar papers, we are internationalists who have English names.  As many names are taken by those who are writers, maybe even the respected parents of the writers have not taken them.
 We are people of versatile character, either we are the special person of the world or the wonder boy.
 Every single person of our nation can talk about the stock exchange, understand the game of units, the value of the rupee, the rise and fall of the dollar, every child is familiar with it.  He is an expert analyst of export and import.  We are the people who go to the government hospital and say to the doctor, Doctor, give me this, this and this drug and tablets and give me huge doses and I will be fine, what kind of stethoscope, what kind of BP operator, nothing is allowed to be used.  The patient himself is the doctor who diagnoses his own disease.
 We are psychologists, philosophers, analysts, scholars and sociologists.  We are all experts in law, experts in politics.
 We don't protest against killings, we don't shed tears over innocent bloodshed, we don't give lip service to looting and robbery, we keep our mouths shut when we see the cold body of a new born baby on the garbage heap, we point fingers at this young girl.  On the character of who has become a target of brutality.
 We do not question the current rulers.
 Even if lives are turned upside down
 No matter how cheap death becomes
 Even if someone intoxicated with wealth takes away someone's daughter,
 Make it a target of lust, throw it away or kill it.
 The oppressor should become oppressed and the oppressed should trample their destiny behind bars.
 We don't ask.
 We, the great nation of the world, cannot buy even one kilo of flour even after sweating all day.
 We are experts in commenting, analyzing, ranting and criticizing others.
 And yes, we also know the reason why the Titan submarine sank.
 If they had approached us, they might have been saved.

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