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300 jobs completed


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Hi, Just noticed that I have completed my 300th illustration job! (though about 50 of them were for one big job back in my sheep days, before level one etc so the poor buyer had to order 50 gigs to reach our agreed price. . . nuts! )

I tried Fiverr 10 months ago just as a bit of fun and out of curiosity to see what would happen, and have seen it turn into a modest but steady source of extra work and income. I get inquiries just about every day. Maybe 40% progress to become orders. I find it a more diverse and less intense creative outlet than my somewhat sporadic and specialised ‘day job’. Every time it’s a new illustration ‘problem’ to solve, it keeps me on my toes and I enjoy using my skills. Fiverr will never be a living, (and frankly I wouldn’t really want it to be, I’m happy working at this level), but it’s definitely a positive experience. The buyers I have had have been pleasant and reasonable, (and happy with my work) so thanks to them and to Fiverr.



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