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Hello Everyone! I'm a Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer with a Masters in Music Industry

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I'm Casey and I've had the honor of attending and graduating from both Berklee College of Music and the University of Southern California. I've been producing records for 12 years and now with my masters degree I am a well versed in music industry knowledge. Basically there is a Record Labels worth of knowledge in my head. I want to start my freelance venture here on Fiverr. Just wanted to stop by, say hello, and tell you about myself. Looking forward to joining and hearing from this community. Feel free to message me any time. 

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Feel free to hit me up and ask questions you may have. Been doing this for 12 years and my knowledge extends a vast scope of music like audio, composition, contracts, live touring, marketing, etc. etc. Anyways, message me anytime and have a blessed day. 

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That's awesome, Casey, happy to have you here 🤩 I'm attending different Mixing & Mastering courses in these months: it's so cool to bring the tracks to life, so many options and tools, you can really push your creativity in there! Also, knowing professionally what's needed at the end of the (recording) process, it's helping me a lot in improving skills as a session musician (trombone player/brass recordings). Thanks for the opportunity to be in contact and feel free to message me anytime for anything related to trombones, trumpets and brass sections recordings or just to chat, I'd love to be involved with your production 🤗


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That's amazing, Congratulations and yes, I'll keep you in mind for future projects.

From my experience, there is simply too much to consider when making records and while we may be attracted to certain things, there will be other things standing in the way of achieving a particular goal or dream. This is not to discourage you, but to rather open your eyes and empower you.

I want to be a guitar player, I've wanted that all my life.

Play Guitar>Compose Music>Record>Edit>Mix>Master>Add Meta Data> Copyright>Contracts>Upload to DSPs

Create Photo Concepts>Take Photos>Edit Photos>Color Photos>Export Photos>Add Meta Data>Copyright>Contracts>Upload to Branding resources

This flow is consistent with videos and any other media needed for your artists brand, but it doesn't end there.

What about - Touring, Strategies, Copywriting, Social Engagement, Business planning and partnerships, Marketing, Digital Marketing and optimization, etc.

The list goes on and all of these fields are full time work. We cannot do it alone. We need to build teams with sufficient funding, good planning and a great strategy to succeed. 120,000 song where uploaded per day in 2023 to DSPs. How do artists break free from the noise and competition especially since we are going into the world of Ai which allows us to have faster turn arounds which will lead to more quality competition. 

I'm not sure what the right answer is or if there is an answer. I do know that focusing on everything else gives you little time to do the thing you love or why you started in the first place. Maybe focus on that and build the teams around you that can help you continue doing the thing that you love.

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