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Questions about Accounting, Taxes and VAT (Norway)



Hey! I've been working on Fiverr for some time now, and I've always been unsure and confused about the best way to do my accounting.

To give some context:
I have a registered sole proprietorship since I hit Norway's income threshold last year that would make it necessary to do so. The majority of those earnings came from outside of Fiverr, so I had regular invoices for all of the payments. I've recently started earning a substantial amount on Fiverr and I want to make sure I file my taxes properly. It would be great if anyone could share their "flow" for accounting & bookkeeping when it comes to this! I'm based in Norway (using Fiken), so it would be even better if someone from Norway could respond, all responses are appreciated though.

I tried contacting CS before asking if it would be possible to get some arrangement with monthly reports/reverse-invoices or something like that set up (I read some old post about this being possible), but it didn't sound like this could be set up anymore. I also contacted my accounting software provider asking if they had examples or guides for Fiverr but they did not, I sent them all available reports and documents available from Fiverr. Their response was that I should ask Fiverr support again if they had some more detailed documents I could use, they thought it would be weird if that was not possible.

So again, any responses here would be greatly appreciated! I don't want to mess up on filing my tax & VAT (mva).

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Not from Norway, but from Sweden, and this is how I do it, based not on official information from Skatteverket, but from some well-informed advisors who told me about workarounds:

(I know Norway is not in the EU, and I am therefore not sure how VAT-rules apply to you in terms of money from Norway, vs money from abroad etc, so adjust as you need to)

I treat the times between withdrawal of earnings as a period of time. I create an invoice per buyer for that period of time, looking up where they are located so I can know if I have to pay VAT or not. I then create a Bokföringsorder (I'm guessing you'll be able to understand this word) for all the invoices that belong to that period, and that's what I file in my book keeping program.

Quite honestly, using Fiverr is tricky. The basic idea behind it seems to be individuals getting some extra cash, not companies who need to keep records. The very fact that I can't add VAT to the buyers who should be paying it to ME (not to Fiverr), is insane. In my dealings with support, they also haven't been very eager to help out with this, or even understand that sellers need tools to be compliant with our local laws.

I hope something of what I wrote was useful to you at least. Good luck!

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