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How Payoneer and Fiverr works?


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I must say that I never thought I would like Fiverr this much. I tried on another website before and I didn’t like it.

I have 20 days on here, and I already have 10 sales (yay!) and little by little I start to know how the system works in here, since Fiverr doesn’t provide you tutorials, I had to research on the forums, read questions and comments about my doubts.

But right now I have 2 questions:

  1. If I already have a Payoneer card, and I sign in Fiverr Renevue Card, I will get a Fiverr card? or I just can use the Payoneer card?

  2. I can transfer my money from Fiverr to my Payoneer account?

    I wanna start to fund my savings, so probably I will do only 1 tranference every six months. I read about the Fiverr Card, so if I wanna do that, I will have to pay every time for the “Account Inactivity Fee”?

    If you can explain them to me, I will be really grateful!
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I can confirm 1. I already had a Payoneer card, and had to follow instructions to add Fiverr (basically, you request a Fiverr revenue card with a different email from the one you used to create your existing Payoneer account, and then you contact Payoneer customer support and ask for their assistance in merging the two accounts; they were really fast in my case, it was done in a few days).

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