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Client is not answering questions related to the gig but wants to start the offer.



I've been talking with this client on fiverr for a couple days now. I honestly thought they were an AI bot or some scammer with how vague they were communicating. I sell illustrations and my gig is specifically about drawing self-inserts into animated shows/movies in that art style. The conversation pretty much went like this. 

- I want your work

- Hello! Id love to work with you on this project. what would you like me to draw?

- I need art and animation for wedding anniversary

- Aw congratulations! i can definitely do that. Is the art you want related to INSERT GIG? and what exactly would you like me to draw and/or animate?

- yes that gig

- sounds good. was there a specific scene you wanted like the examples listed in the gig? or will this be a custom piece?

- custom piece

- and what would you like me to draw for the custom piece?:) 

- you can get creative i just need something she'll love and that will signify our bond

- I will do my best then haha any preferences for camera angle like full body shot, mid-body shot, or headshot? Above you mentioned you were looking to get an illustration or something animated. An illustration would cost $30 and I can do a looped animation for $140. What would you like to do? Once that’s decided I’ll send the custom offer your way. There you can send some pictures of you and your wife for reference and I’ll get that started for you!

- Okay you can send the offer


They aren't giving me much to work with at all. I'm trying not to get frustrated but they are clearly ignoring all of my questions. I cant even send the offer because i don't know what to price it at or what they even want T-T I'm debating just leaving it here and not responding because i feel like they aren't taking my time and my services seriously. Should I ask the questions again or should i just leave it here.

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