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What is the Use/function of Vote feature in Forum?


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It's used so people can vote up the answer(s) that they think best answer the question (ie. that provide the most accurate answer) and also so they can vote down answer(s) they think are incorrect or maybe below average. 

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In addition to what @uk1000 said, the idea is that the best replies get upvoted to the top of the page, while the nonsense like "be active on the forum and never sleep again and share on social media all the time, and you'll get tons of work" gets pushed down to the bottom.

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Good day everyone:

This is just a petty query I guess, but out of curiosity, I'm just simply asking for a brief clarification, if what does "vote" is all about? Or what's it's significance in relation to the question we raised?

Thanks a lot!

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It worked well, as seen by the voting mechanism, which allows us to quickly identify the most popular questions and answers within the community! It just works similarly to Quora, StackOverflow, and other platforms.

We can easily Identify The Best Question and Solution with a Voting System!

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