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How can i get more impression and click?


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On 1/8/2024 at 1:39 PM, majedul_cse said:
How can I get more impressions and click?

By optimizing your gig (mainly gig gallery and descriptions), your impressions and clicks can be increased.

If you really have 4 years of experience then why have not you added some of your previous work i.e. designed/developed websites in the gig gallery? Buyers have no idea what actually are you capable of so you need to work on your gig. For this purpose, you can do research on Fiverr regarding your niche.

Secondly, are you offering Digital Marketing services on Fiverr or not? If not, then remove the title from your profile as you have not created a gig on it yet. Don't mislead your buyers. 


You have Digital Marketing skills so use it for your own gigs too.

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To boost impressions and clicks, focus on optimizing your gig title, description, and tags. High-quality images and a clear gig description also help. Engaging in Fiverr's community and consistently delivering excellent work can enhance your visibility. 

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Hello majedul,

I'm trying to provide all of the important points here, which may assist you in obtaining more orders or impressions, etc.

  1. Optimize Gig Title and Description ( Try to write a good Title and description that can explain your services and your expertise)
  2. Eye-catching Gig Images and Videos (Most Important)
  3. Select Relevant Tags and Categories
  4. Set Competitive Pricing
  5. Create Multiple Gigs (based on your skills, make sure you didn't duplicate the same services)
  6. Deliver Exceptional Customer Service (customer satisfaction is the main priority)
  7. Promote Social Proof
  8. Offer Extra Value or Gig Extra 
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1) Create SEO friendly title. Try to include your main targetted keywords within it.

2) Optimize you gig description and pricing segment by including your keywords,

3) Also try ton include your prior experience in the description and your work experience. 

4) Try to include keywords that are low competitive and comibine them with some high performing keywords.
5) Share your gig's on social  media to gain organic followers. 

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