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How to rank my gig



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28 minutes ago, youtube__coach said:

How to rank my gig on first page. please some tips.

Hello, I don't know what's the secret sauce, but I read many tips here on the forum.

First of all, be yourself.
I'm telling you this because you're using a stock image for your profile, maybe it is used to attract people, but if you hide yourself behind a stock photo you don't show trust to potential buyers.

Then, make better gig thumbnails, after a quick look I found these mistakes you should fix:
- describetion instead of description on 1st gig
- expart instead of expert on 3rd gig
- incress instead of increase on 4th gig
- keywods instead of keywords on 4th gig

I don't know if these are distraction mistakes or not, but maybe try to reconsider switching from fluent to conversational English level on your profile (because of the trust that I was talking about earlier).

Try to make more simpler and avoid stock images, giving a professional and uniform look is very important.
Another tip is to avoid calling yourself an expert if you're not so think about it twice before using it. If you want to use that word, show professional results that will confirm your auto-definition.

But I have good news for you, even if Fiverr's SEO isn't like YouTube's, I guess they have definitely something in common so try to apply your YouTube SEO skills here on Fiverr and check the results!

Check this link to read about Gig's SEO Titles:

Bye! :classic_smile:

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6 hours ago, some77 said:

you need to use best keywords in your title

Based on what knowledge do you make this statement? You have made no sales.  

Also,  Your Spanish, French, Swedish, English and German voice over gigs are done using AI.  This is deliberately trying to mislead your customers and is against the FIverr TOS. 

I suggest you take down these gigs straight away as you're fooling no one! 

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