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How can i increase my sale?


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If you look at the right side of the forum, you will see blue category “Tips forSellers”. If you click it, you will find many threads with help for new sellers.

Such as:


This makes sure all the tips are in one place, and we don’t get too many threads with the same questions and answers 🙂

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Reply to @sharmin_sm: Generally you can only upgrade your rating by getting more orders with 4-5 star ratings. That’s all there is to it.

Negative ratings/feedback may be removed by Customer Support, but only if you can show that the negative rating is purely on the buyer’s whim and not because of your possible poor performance.

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Allow me to hop in,

I believe you really need to have someone check your grammar for your

gig description and titles.

“I will do something like this for $5” sounds pretty unprofessional.

I know people can see the photo and they know what “something like this” is,

but still, that gives a bad impression.

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