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Problem with audio files sent on order page.

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Heads up for anyone sellers providing audio. A client has reached out to me today saying he can play back the voiceover file I sent him, but he can't download it from Fiverr. I've tried from my end and download isn't working. I get a message that the file isn't on the site. I don't know if this is affecting other deliveries. I already deleted this file, so it means doing the whole job again and using We Transfer. I've reported the bug.

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Hi Leanne,

I'm sorry to hear that, sounds like a nightmare 😱
It's really strange that the file can be played back but can't be downloaded:
If you and your customer can reproduce the audio online, it should be stored there somewhere! 

I hope that the Team will dig it and rescue your work from the deep web clutches sooner than soon🤞

1 hour ago, leannelrivers said:

I already deleted this file, so it means doing the whole job again

Disclaimer: I don't know your working process and I'm not saying this to advise you; I'm just scared about it that much that I'm writing it down as a reminder to myself xD

  • Don't touch the DAW session until the order has been accepted;
  • Bounce the tracks to the highest quality;
  • Clean the folder from all the recorded files except for the bounced once;
  • Compress those files in one main .zip folder;
  • Store the session on an external dedicated hard-disk.


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Hey I've had this issue a few times and it's always been due to a special character in the file name that Fiverr can't deal with for some reason. Try removing any punctuation or anything that's not a letter or a number and it should work fine. 

I know you've dealt with this issue but I'll keep this answer here in case it helps you or anyone else in the future.

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