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Hello everyone! I'm new here

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Welcome to fiverr-forum and good luck to you. It's been a few days since I published all my gigs on Fiverr, I'm constantly marketing my gigs but I haven't received any orders yet. Staying in this place requires a lot of patience. First of all, getting orders is very difficult for newbies. But the situation will not be resolved. You have to keep trying and you will see success one day at the right time.

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Hello Fiverr Community,

I recently embarked on my Fiverr journey about a week ago, but I haven't secured any projects yet. Nevertheless, I'm determined and actively working towards success. Fiverr is a vast freelancing space, and I understand the challenges that come with starting out.

If you have any insights, advice, or personal experiences to share, I would greatly appreciate hearing them. It's a learning process, and I'm committed to making the most of my Fiverr experience.

Thank you!

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