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How "Get brief" button work? what is the tips for set minimum price? why this necessary?

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Hi @hamidur_rahmaan, Unfortunately there isn't a one answer that fits all sellers because everyone has different gigs and pricing structure. So take a look at your gigs and determine a price that represents your services and monitor the briefs that you get (when they start coming in). It took me several months before I got my first brief (initially set at $50). I now have it set at $200 and may continue to raise it since my brief orders can be more than that.

I also saw on the forum that some sellers set the price at $50 but then found that they got more briefs at $5. So monitor how many briefs you get. 

I haven't seen anyone who gets most of their orders through briefs (unlike the buyer requests, where there were sellers who were fully dependent on this feature). Plan on getting the majority of your orders through organic search and repeat buyers, and a few buyer brief orders in between.

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How much time should be needed to open another GIG?

15 hours ago, hamidur_rahmaan said:

PLs reply this question @vickieito

Hi @hamidur_rahmaan, You are assuming that everyone should have more than one gig. Some sellers do very well with just one gig.

Every seller has a unique set of skills, experience, and background so this should be taken into account. Look at your skillsets and pay attention to what buyers are attracted to your gig. Modify your strategy if you are attracting the wrong buyers. Listen to what the buyers are asking for and if you can provide those services, go ahead and make those gigs. Pay attention to your workload and if you can handle the orders from different gigs. Sometimes it can be hard to context shift from one gig to another (such as a writing-based gig to a design-based one), so monitor your performance and make sure that you are maximizing your time.

I used to offer a lot more design-related services but decided to concentrate on technical writing because that's where I get the most Earnings. Go ahead and experiment and "try" out new gigs. You can always pause or delete the gigs that are not performing as well.

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Look at this gig image. It is cut off and has way too many words. Buyers will not take the time to read them. Summarize your services in four or five words. 


What services are you selling in this gig? Your buyer should not have to guess. The gig image should tell them. 

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