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Started 1 Year Ago, Just Noticed There Are Forums

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I started selling one year ago but I did not know there were forums I could participate in. 

Im really surprised how many leads Fiverr has given me. Its great. I purchased Seller Plus to see what keywords are working well. Based on my skills, I maxed out my gigs and made my gigs reflect the top keywords.

I dont get that many orders from those gigs but Im getting a ton of impressions which gives a ton of visibility to my better gigs and I got lots of orders as a result.

In the beginning, not having reviews made my growth slow so I monitored my CTR via My Business -> Gigs. If the gig has less than 2000 impressions, I keep changing the gig to make it a more appealing offer until I get a 20% CTR. If the gig has more than 2000 impressions I modify the gig until I include something attractive enough that gives me a 10% CTR in the last 7 days.

I currently have 15 reviews. Its not a lot but getting better each day! 

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