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I Recently Create a GiG on Fiverr


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3 minutes ago, yeasin997 said:

Hello Everyone,

 I created a new gig related background remove category please check my gig and share your experiences on this gig.

My gig: https://www.fiverr.com/yeasin997/do-photo-and-product-image-background-removal

Hi Yasin Arafat,

I checked out your gig and I think you have a great skill in photo editing. However, there are some areas that you can improve to make your gig more attractive and professional.

  • You should write a more detailed and engaging profile description that showcases your expertise, experience, and personality. Use up to 600 characters to tell potential buyers who you are, what you can do, and why they should choose you. You can also mention some of your previous projects or clients, if you have any.
  • You should use high-quality images for your gig gallery that demonstrate your work and the value you can provide. Since you are offering a service in the design category, buyers will expect to see some examples with high-quality of your background removal skills. You can also add a video or a PDF file to your gig to showcase more of your portfolio.

I hope this helps you improve your gig and get more orders. Good luck! 👍

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6 minutes ago, yeasin997 said:

Hello bro, help me. I'm getting very low immigration through this gig and no clicks. I have not received any order.


I know how you feel. Getting orders on Fiverr can be challenging and requires a lot of hard work and patience. But don’t give up, you have a valuable skill that you can offer to buyers.

To improve your gig, you should do some research on Fiverr and see what other sellers in your category are doing. Take note of the best practices and the keywords that they use. Then, use those keywords in your gig title and description, but make sure to write them in your own words and style. Do not copy anything from other gigs, as that can get your account banned.

By doing this, you can optimize your gig for SEO and attract more buyers who are looking for your service. I hope this helps you boost your gig and get more orders. Best of luck! 👍

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3 hours ago, yeasin997 said:

So where do I find buyers who are looking for this service?

Your gig belongs to the Graphics & Design/Image Editing/Product Image Editing category. You can browse other gigs in this category by switching to your seller mode or using this link:


You should do some research on the best-selling gigs in this category and learn from their strategies. You can use the information you gather to improve your gig title, description, images, and keywords.

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I checked your gig. It's better if you give names to your packages, It's better if you use attractive images for your gig gallery. Just check your competitors to get a good idea. And also you have been a member of Fiverr since Nov 2022. I believe that you have improved your skills in Adobe Photoshop. So I think it's better for you to have more gigs which match to your skills. 

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