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I think Fiverr should entice more streamers to come onto the platform because the marketing, advertising and promotion gigs are severely lacking

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Fiverr doesn't really have a good marketing, advertising section. None of the sellers truly seem legit because its so easy to fake numbers; another thing is, Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Kick are all streaming platforms where people live stream content regardless of what the said content is. Enticing more streamers to come onto the platform, streamers with good size followings like 5k subs and up, will allow small businesses such as myself to promote our products on their channels. 

For example, I'm in the mist of creating a video game, the best way to get a game out there is to have it streamed or uploaded on a credible Twitch and/or Youtube channel. Its also a lot harder to fake views and engagement. If I hire a streamer to promote my game and I see the video has 5k views yet no engagement, not even a like, I think its safe to say, the views are bots; therefore, I'd ask for a refund. 

A lot of gigs on Fiverr are amazing; however, I think they should really redo the marketing, advertising, and promotion gigs offered on here. They all seem so bad and so scammy. 

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