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One reason you are not getting buyers is because you have zero evidence to back up the claims you make in your gig descriptions. Fiverr is way too competitive now, gone are the days where you can just put up a gig and make a bunch of claims about your expertise with nothing to show for it and still get sales. You are in competition with thousands of other sellers, many of which are level 2, have hundreds of 5 star reviews with similar prices to yours and have portfolios full of work examples. Why would a buyer take a risk on you?

Add some items to your portfolio and gig images as evidence of your claim to being a skilled/professional website designer and digital marketer. Write about how your lead capturing page service improved a customer's sales.

Also, your own gig description for lead capture pages looks very obviously written by ChatGPT, If you can't write your own gig without ChatGPT how are you going to do the customer's?

Buyers have common sense and good judgement just as I'm sure you have when buying something, put yourself in the buyer's shoes and ask yourself why would you choose your gig over the thousands of others? Give the buyer a reason to choose you.

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I am a social media manager and designer for about 18 years.

But I registered in Fiverr a few years ago, but without using it.

Today I decided to work through Fiverr and I want to know how it works

to get as much traffic and clients as possible to work for them?

Thank you!

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