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Hi! Im Victoria and new to Fiverr forum!

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Hello everyone! 

Im glad to see you here and discuss the problem that I have faced. How to make the gig that gives more clicks and more replies = more active orders. I have good impressions, but clicks are really poor. How can I improve it?

Also, feel free to discuss your problems in the comments, maybe we can help each other.

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Hi @victory_med, Welcome to the forum! I see that you already have your first order under your belt, so congratulations! 

I don't know if you have this already, but make sure to turn on your "Live Portfolio" so that buyers can see a delivery image for each review that you have (if the buyer decides to showcase their project in your gallery). This will add to the number of images in your gallery and can give you greater credibility with your buyers.

3 hours ago, victory_med said:

clicks are really poor. How can I improve it?

High impressions and low clicks mean your gig card is being shown to buyers, but no one is interested enough to click on it (and visit your gig). Buyers only have a few seconds to decide if they want to click on your gig so make it easy for them. Your gig images should clearly state your services in 1-3 words. Right now it isn't clear what your services are just from looking at your gig video. I like how you have an image of yourself but also have a representative image of your services as well. I usually add a thumbnail image to my gig videos to make sure my gig thumbnail have these three components (title, image of self, image of service).

You can select any frame to be your thumbnail image for your gig video from your "Edit Gig" function. From "Edit Gig," go to "Gallery" and hover over your video. Click on the edit feature and play your video. Pause your video on the frame you want to set as your thumbnail image and click on "Set as Preview."

Once you make changes, monitor your gigs for a week to see if you start getting clicks. If not, make additional adjustments to your gig card, gallery images, gig description, and tags to see if you can generate more clicks by making changes there.

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