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Asked about accessing the Promoted Gigs feature on Fiverr



When will I receive the Promoted Gig feature from Fiverr? I reached Level 1 after completing 18 orders. Despite completing an additional 5 orders after achieving Level 1, I still haven't gained access to the Promoted Gig feature. Can anyone provide information on when I can expect to receive this feature? How many more orders do I need to complete to unlock the Promoted Gig feature?


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You are evaluated for Promoted Gig participation eligibility according to the following standards:

  • You are a Level 1 Seller, a Level 2 Seller, a Top Rated Seller, or a Pro seller
  • Your Gig scores are 4.7 in the public rating
  • Your Gig has at least 20 reviews. Pro Gigs and Top Rated Sellers' Gigs require only 5 reviews
  • You meet additional quality metrics

Source by https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017729338-Promoted-Gigs#h_01EYN214K9QHF7A28JA8FR9EPC

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